Mrs. Rashmi Dikshith | DS-MAX SANKALP | Flat No. 207
My name is Rashmi Dikshith. We have purchased a flat from DS-MAX Sankalp Apartment, with the Flat No. 207. We regularly visited the project and we were very happy with the process of construction. We were very pleased with the way of interior designing. My husband invested his hard earned money in DS-MAX to make an asset and we are very much contented as we are going to possess our own house. During the time of house warming ceremony, we nabbed a chance to interact with the neighbours and other customers of DS-MAX Sankalp. Their warm and friendly nature gave us a ray of joy and happiness. I would like to thank DS-MAX, for giving us an opportunity, so as to make our own property.

Mrs. Sobhini | DS-MAX SOLITAIRE | Flat No. 207
I am Sobhini working for BPL. My flat is 207 in DS-MAX Solitaire project. We came to know about DS-MAX through hoardings. DS-MAX staff responds to us nicely and do not hurt us. The quality of the work is good and the pricing is within our budget. The overall experience with DS-MAX is good. I wish DS-MAX to come up with more and more projects.

Mr.Shrikanth. P. Shimpi | DS-MAX SUPREME | Flat No. 101
I am Shrikanth P Shimpi. Additional Commissioner of Police introduced DS-MAX while I was working as a legal advisor at Rajarajeshwari BBMP Zone. I purchased the flat with DS-MAX for the most reasonable rate. Registration has been done. The special feature of DS-MAX is that it constructs ground plus 4 apartments with limited no. of houses unlike other builders. Most of the builders are not able to provide basic amenities even after constructing 15 to 20 floors. DS-MAX is different from all the other developers as they provide basic amenities for reasonable rates which are not provided by the other big developers. Most of the customers are retired officers who invest their life time amount in purchasing flats, and hence I believethat DS-MAX would successfully complete the projects legally without any hindrances and provide good flats to the customers. I would refer and suggest my friends about DS-MAX. My best wishes to the M/s. DS-MAX, management and employees. It can reach the highest peak of the glory in the future and would stand first in the national market.

Mr. Rajesh Singh | DS-MAX SCION | Flat No. 108
Hi, I am Rajesh Singh. I am working for Ellucian, a software company. I came to know about DS-MAX project through my friend. I was expecting a house at budget prices with DS-MAX and it came true. Everything is fine with DS-MAX. We can buy a flat at reasonable rates and have our own house with DS-MAX. Thank you.

Mr. Dattatray M. Pai | DS-MAX SAMBARAM | Flat No. 202
Good Afternoon, my name is Dattatray Pai. I am working in State Bank of Mysore as Chief Manager. We started searching for a flat in Bangalore in different advertisements and then we decided to settle with DS-MAX because of the brand name. We saw 6 to 7 projects of DS-MAX and finally opted for Sambaram project due to location advantage. Overall, the sales team and managers are very cordial and are happy to tell about the project details. I have already referred DS-MAX projects to my friends who are now in touch with the DS-MAX staffs and I would recommend DS-MAX in the future as well. I wish DS-MAX would come up with such type of projects for the people who are in need of the flats and I wish DS-MAX happy times.

Mr. Rahul Ghosh | DS-MAX SPRING NEST | Flat No. 08
Hi, this is Rahul Ghosh. I am working for a private firm as a Sales Manager. I have booked a flat in DS-MAX Spring Nest. DS-MAX is always very cooperative and gives solutions whenever I required. I am very satisfied with all the officials at DS-MAX. I would definitely suggest DS-MAX projects to all my friends and relatives. All the best to DS-MAX and do keep it well.

Mr. Chandra Shekhar | DS-MAX STERLING | Flat No. 217
Hi, I am Chandra. I have booked an apartment in DS-MAX Sterling. I am working for Marlabs Software Pvt. Ltd. I was looking for a good project within my budget and hence started searching for builders in the internet. I found DS-MAX as one of the best builders which offers flats at reasonable rates. I have already proposed this project to some of my friends. I would be happier to refer my other friends, colleagues and relatives to buy flats from DS-MAX. Overall, it was a good experience with DS-MAX.

Mr. Mahantesh K Banagar | DS-MAX SILVERNEST | Flat B-404
I am Mahantesh Banagar. I have been looking for a house or flat according to my budget since 5 to 6 months. I felt DS-MAX was the right place to look for a flat of my budget. I saw few of their projects in several places at Bangalore like Abbigere, Peenyaetc, and finally I opted for DS-MAX Silvernest where I wanted a ready to move flat. In that way, they arranged for a flat according to my budget and suitability. I booked the flat in the month of June and then finalized and purchased our dream house in the same month. To speak about DS-MAX, all the departments like marketing team, legal team, registration team or miscellaneous team have cooperated very well which motivated us to purchase the flat. Hence I wish DS-MAX to grow even more and influence most of the Bangaloreans to purchase flats according to their budget. I would also refer DS-MAX to my friends and relatives and my best wishes to all the management and the staff.

Rajashekhar Zulapi | DS-MAX SANDALWOOD | Flat No. 126
Hello, Myself Rajashekhar Zulapi, I booked a flat in the Sandalwood Project, 126 on Sept 2013. I am the first investor in apartments in my overall family and everyone had a different opinion about booking a flat. It was a challenging decision initially and hence cross checked the background of DS-MAX. We also visited several projects at Chick Banawara and Malleshwaramandtook the opinions of the already occupied owners and then decided to buy a flat according to the budget. We get the best flats with DS-MAX according to our budgets in the good places. Now, I feel that we have taken a good decision of investing with DS-MAX.I am quite happy with the overall progress till date. I have already referred few of my friends who booked the flats with the same project. I have also referred other friends to other projects of DS-MAX and would be referring in the future as well. I am quite happy with the overall progress, payment process and booking procedures. I hope that the same kind of relationship would be continued in the coming days as well. It is good to invest with such developers who are trustworthy. I will also suggest other people to go with DS-MAX. I hope that they continue the same relationship with the customers and DS-MAX would be the best developers in the coming days.

Shashidhar Shastri | DS-MAX SANKALP | Flat No.201
My name is Sashidhar Shastri; I own a 3BHK flat in DS-MAX SANKALP in Uttrahalli. My flat no. is 20; I have booked this flat in the month of April last year. I never had a plan to buy a flat before. Once I came to DS-MAX office with my friend Manjunath (who already booked flat no. 206) for some discussion but one of your executives convinced me and finally I made up my mind and booked the flat. Coming to the design and aesthetic of DS-MAX SANKALP, it is good and decent. I referred my friend Rajappa and it took just half an hour to decide and book the flat. I wish all the best to DS-MAX Properties for future business endeavors.

Bharat Bhushan | DS-MAX SOLITAIRE | Flat No.209
Hello, this is Bharat Bhushan. I booked a flat in DS-MAX SOLITAIRE flat no. 209 in 2012. It was reasonable and within my budget. The progress of the construction is good and the staffs are also really cooperative. Recently, I came to know that DS-MAX is launching High Rise building - Skylish Homes in Thanisandra and Rampura so my best wishes to Dr. KV Satish. Also, I heard that DS MAX is sponsoring Karnataka Bulldozers in CCL and doing Free Eye Cataract Operation, so in the future if I came across anyone who is facing eye cataract I will surely nominate. My best wishes for the future growth of DS-MAX Properties.

Rajappa | DS-MAX SANKALP | Flat No.307
My name is Rajappa; I have purchased a flat in DS-MAX SANKALP flat no. 7. I booked the flat in April 2012. I came to know DS-MAX Properties through my friend and colleague Shashidhar who had already booked a flat in the same project, DS-MAX SANKALP. I met one of your executives from the sales department and he impressed me with the features that he explained. All the best to DS-MAX Properties.

Satish Kumar | DS-MAX STREAK | Flat No.311
I am Satish Kumar. I have booked a flat in DS-MAX STREAK in February 2012. DS-MAX Properties is growing really fast and in the future if I plan to buy a flat again, I will surely go for DS-MAX Skylish Homes which is going to launch soon.

Suresh Bharadwaj | DS-MAX SPLENDOR NEST | Flat No.408
Hi, my name is Suresh Bharadwaj. I have purchased a flat is DS-MAX Splendor Nest, flat no. 408. There are lots of good points about DS-MAX Properties because we have seen a lot of advertisements and events sponsored by them. I do see a lot of properties being constructed across the city. Two points I like about DS-MAX Properties are the area they have chosen for construction and the price they are quoting. I came to know about DS-MAX Properties through advertisements.

Mr. Sudarshan Mondal | DS-MAX STARWOOD | Flat No.312
Hi, my name is Sudarshan. I have purchased a flat in DS-MAX Starwood. Interactions with DS-MAX staff members were very good. Overall experience was good. We will refer about DS-MAX to all our family and friends. All the best wishes to DS-MAX Properties.

Mr. Rama Chandra Singh | DS-MAX STARWOOD | Flat No.14
My name is R.C. Singh. One of my colleagues suggested me to purchase flat from DS-MAX. The construction quality and the reasonable rates influenced me to buy a flat in DS-MAX Starwood. Hence, I planned and booked Flat No. 14 in DS-MAX Starwood project. I am very happy with DS-MAX and best wishes to them. I will certainly refer about DS-MAX to my friends.

Sundareshan | DS-MAX SPLENDOR NEST | Flat No.102
I am Sundareshan, I booked a flat in DS-MAX SPLENDOR NEST in October, 2012. I got to know about DS-MAX Properties from the advertisements. I stay nearby to that project so I was aware of their activities and progress and it attracted me. I am very happy to have a flat with DS-MAX Properties. They are fast emerging company compared to other Builder's in the real estate market. When I went through the price list, I came to know that it is suitable for the common men. They scheduled the possession period for 2 years but they completed it in one and half year only, they have kept their words. I got the feedback from the existing customer of DS-MAX SPLENDOR that the company offers flexible payment schedule. I have registered last month and now my interior work is going on. I have already referred three of my friends and even they have booked their flats with DS-MAX Properties. Last but not the least; the Chairman Dr. KV Satish is a charming and very sympathetic person.

Suman G.V | DS-MAX SELDONS | Flat No.G-014
Hi, my name is Suman. Recently, I booked a flat in DS-MAX SELDONS bearing flat number G-014. I came to know about this project through newspaper advertisement. DS-MAX staffs were very co-operative and helpful and they supported me a lot. I am very happy with DS-MAX, since the price is reasonable and within my budget. I have referred about DS-MAX Properties to one of my colleagues and in the future also I will be referring to many others. DS-MAX’s Chairman Dr. KV Satish is doing a great job by developing the company as well as taking social responsibilities with an intention of helping people. I wish him Good Luck for his upcoming film Yamleela 2.

Afzal Pasha | Land Owner
My name is Afzal Pasha. We have given our property to DS-MAX Properties one year back. The total property area is 16,400 sq.ft. They told that they will hand over the flats with 27 months. DS-MAX is a good developer and we know they are good people that’s why we handed over our property to them. In future, I will refer many of my land owner friends whom we know. Everything is going on as planned; the materials used for construction are good. We are happy with DS-MAX Properties and we wish to sustain this relationship with them.

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DS-MAX Properties Chairman and Founder, Dr. K. V. Satish was felicitated with
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uplifting downtrodden and deprived sections of the society.

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