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DS-MAX Sista Nest is situated in an area that is developing at a very rapid pace resulting in a spurt of residential catchments, malls, supermarkets, and projects of premium developers. The rate of growth of population in this area is one of the highest owing to the superb connectivity of the area and the peace that the area offers. These are a few of the reasons why Banashankari tops the list of highly sought after areas of Bangalore. Construction of Metro railway is also another factor responsible for high demand and property price escalation of the region. For all these reasons, Banashankari is one of the most sought after areas of Bangalore whose value is escalating in leaps and bounds.

In such a context, your home at DS-MAX Sista Nest would reap double or triple the value once you take possession. It is also a fact that DS-MAX prices are way below the market rates, and as DS-MAX Sista Nest promises you a regal lifestyle, you can also expect hefty rental returns too. If you desire to stay in a princely style at one of the most in-demand areas of the IT capital of India, here is your chance! Needless to say, as the offer is from DS-MAX, be rest assured about the prices and affordability! Just decide quickly, as there are limited homes available, and we will make the rest happen!

A Nest at its Best

Located at the heart of Banashankari, 5th Stage, with easy accessibility to Kanakapura Road, Mysore Road, R R Nagar & Padmanabha Nagar.

High value escalation & ROI owing to high employment generation of the nearby areas.

Surrounded by rich connectivity with even richer human capital.

Super-luxury amenities with low population density promising a regal lifestyle.

High return on Investment on your investment by the time of possession .

Surrounded by IT Companies & IT Parks nearby keeping the value ticking higher.

Unimaginably low prices.

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Master Plan & Floor Plans


Master Plan & Floor Plans



Why should I buy my home from DS-MAX?

DS-MAX has a rich legacy of rendering luxury homes at prices unimaginable by the home seekers right from the onset of the company. Even today, the homes that are available in the market, priced above crores, can be owned from DS-MAX at almost a third of the prices with commendable construction quality and ample land area with the promise of a regal lifestyle.
Not only location, price, and quality of construction and the life it offers through its homes, but DS-MAX makes a constant endeavor to enrich your life, and you would be a part of the larger DS-MAX family once you own a DS-MAX home.

How reputed is DS-MAX Properties?

DS-MAX Properties have an unparalleled record of 100+ projects and more than 100 awards and accolades received from different national and international bodies and governments. That’s mainly because of the pioneering work it has done in delivering homes to 16,000 families in a short period and with another 15000 families to be delivered their homes upon the completion of its more than 40 ongoing projects.

In what way DS-MAX Sista Nest is a remarkable offer?

Banashankari is one of the most sought after areas in Bangalore today owing to the proximity of IT Parks and offices. Easy access to the nearby IT Parks and companies not only keep the price of your property ticking high, but it is highly advantageous for the residents also.
Located amidst a highly developing area of Banashankari near the Outer Ring road and owing to its vicinity to the railway station and metro railway station, DS-MAX Sista Nest is a boon to the residents and a pot of gold for the investors as it’s an aesthetic structure with super-luxury homes but priced at the range of ordinary homes as sold by other builders. Come for a site visit and have a look at the location advantage and the lifestyle being offered at DS-MAX Sista Nest, we are sure that you would fall in love at first sight and long to own it at the earliest. Decide faster as there are not many homes available and leave the rest to us!

What is the rental price of the area?

The rental prices of the area are quite high owing to the high concentration of IT Companies, spiritual hubs, and the construction of the Metro railway in the area. The demand for reasonable accommodation is one of the highest as it is one of the most populated areas with a high concentration of residential catchments interspersed with rich social infrastructure.

How much rental appreciation can I expect?

The rental prices of Banashankari 5th Stage, according to various data sources and websites are about Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 for a home, depending on the state of the accommodation and lifestyle it offers. The average rent of a 2-BHK apartment at Banashankari 5th Stage would be somewhere around Rs. 21,000 depending on the home for rent.
Although this is the approximate range, the rental prices may vary profusely according to the location and the lifestyle you provide in the accommodation. In that respect, be rest assured about the rental returns of your property at DS-MAX Sista Nest as it is a high-end property and located at one of the best of locations with all kinds of amenities that one can long for. You can easily expect the maximum rent from your property.

What about the quality of construction?

DS-MAX is an ISO certified company with quality checks at every stage of construction, and on top of that, it also has a mixing plant to ensure consistency and quality in its construction standards. As DS-MAX has numerous projects numbering more than 100 in multiple cities, it follows a standard procedure that never falls below the expectations of the customers, rather always baffles it.

How are the living experiences of people living in DS-MAX homes?

DS-MAX is one of the pioneers in rendering the customers the best of living experiences at minimum cost at the most sought after locations delivering incredible customer experience. Many of the customers feel that they never expected to have owned a home at such spectacular locations with their income and at such a young age. Click here to know more about how our customers feel!

Am I eligible for home loans, and is there any assistance I would get?

DS-MAX has a dedicated home loan department to help you, the home seekers. Apart from that, most of our projects are approved by the major banks, which would approve your loans even quicker than the rest. So don’t worry! Just come for a Site Visit and select the best home for you and your family at DS-MAX Sista Nest, and we will do the rest to fetch your dream home.

Are there any special offers for me to buy my dream home at DS-MAX Sista Nest?

DS-MAX has a lucrative Flat Patni Contest which allows you to get a discount of up to Rs. 4 lakhs and also entitle you to win prizes like a FREE HOME, CAR, numerous SCOOTERS, and many other attractive prizes.
Don’t worry as you can rest assured about winning as there are about as many prizes as there are contestants. Come and enquire with us, and we will show you the way of owning your home at a price that you could ever imagine as possible.

How much value appreciation can be expected from a home in DS-MAX Sista Nest?

DS-MAX Sista Nest is situated at Banashankari, 5th Stage, which records a value appreciation of about 7-10% annually, according to different websites and research organizations. But as Banashankari has already become saturated and there is almost no land left to invest, the emphasis is on the surrounding areas.
The reason for the high demand for the area is simple! As South Bangalore continues to grow at a rapid pace, the areas with high employment generation and high concentration of social infrastructure seem to attract more of the home seeking population, and Banashankari is foremost among them. In such a scenario, DS-MAX Sista Nest is a pot of gold both for the residents and the investors.

Is the price negotiable?

DS-MAX prices are already the lowest in the market, but that’s not all! You can even get more discounts and avail exclusive offers at times, making the deal even more attractive and irresistible. Apart from that, you also have offers of reducing your total cost outlay as well, by availing different schemes floated by DS-MAX, just to ensure, you own your dream home at the best of prices that you could ever imagine.

Is DS-MAX Sista Nest RERA approved?

DS-MAX Sista Nest is RERA approved. Even before RERA was introduced, DS-MAX had the reputation of delivering the homes to customers before the delivery dates.

How do I go for a site visit?

Just make up your mind and fill up this form, and we would pick you up from the location you specify and take you for a site visit. You would also be dropped at your home or any convenient location absolutely free. All you need to do is quickly finding a convenient time so that the opportunity doesn’t slip by!

How do I know more about DS-MAX and their customers’ satisfaction?

There are loads of customer appreciations as DS-MAX has successfully transformed the lives of teeming thousands by delivering their dream homes with a luxury lifestyle that they could ever dream of. Apart from that, if you want to enquire on your own, DS-MAX can help you collect your own information and conduct your own due diligence.

Is there any additional offer for me?

At times DS-MAX flaunts additional offers at festivals or at the launch period or at the request of customers. Just have a word with the experienced consultants of DS-MAX! Who knows! It may be running just now as you read this! You may be lucky enough to get an additional discount too!

When will I get possession of my home if I book now?

There is a standard period which we specify for the completion of a project, which is the bare minimum compared to the market norms. Even then, in most cases, DS-MAX is credited with the goodwill of delivering homes even before the delivery dates exceeding the expectations of the customers.

Is there any charge for cancellation in case I want to cancel my bookings?

The wise and the optimistic should never allow the opportunity to go in vain. The best option is to go for a site visit and identify the opportunity by conducting a bit of research. There is always the scope of cancellation, which rarely happens in case of unprecedented events for customers, and in such cases, there are no cancellation charges levied.

May I get the benefit of home loans with reduced interest under PMAY?

You are eligible to avail an additional reduction of your EMIs through the credit Linked Subsidy Scheme of PMAY. Contact us for a detailed consultation, and we will help you in availing the subsidy from the government.

Is there any way of conducting due diligence about DS-MAX & DS-MAX Sista Nest?

There are more than 72 projects that DS-MAX has already completed, with more than 16000 delighted customers happily residing in their homes. If you want to conduct due diligence on your own, we would be happy to help you. Just drop in your name and phone number here for us to help you.

How quick have I to decide, in case I want to book a flat at DS-MAX Sista Nest availing the current offer?

The current offer is an excellent opportunity as DS-MAX Sista Nest is almost at the completion stage, with few flats remaining to be occupied. The secret is, if you need a great home with the best of Vastu location advantages and to the best of your satisfaction, you have to be quick in deciding as the number of apartments is always limited.
With such a lucrative offer of an alluring location and price, DS-MAX’s properties are quickly identified by the prudent first-time homeowners and intelligent speculators. Make sure you don’t spend much time deciding while the more prudent moves your cheese, leaving none for you.

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