Is Home a Necessity or a Luxury?

6 months ago

Is Home a Necessity or a Luxury?

Like every other need we've been weighing, buying a home lies on the top of the list. Humans are territorial beings, similar to all living creatures, and home is what we call our territory. The rules haven't changed from living in the caves during the Stone Age to living in a skyscraper. We call it a home or territory only after carefully considering many criteria. The foremost being the security and safety of the family or co-dwellers. All creatures look for a few fundamental factors determining a perfect habitat, including safety, availability of resources, access to resources, and endurance to withstand all weather and sustain generations ahead. In all this, we do not see scope for luxury; everything is based on priorities and necessities. Now, one can never compare a Weaver's nest with a Termite hill; both were created to fulfil their needs and purposes.

The ever-changing mind of a man has always had a long list of requirements to make him comfortable. The essentials have remained constant; what has changed over time are the polished or extended needs, called luxury.

Define luxury: A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense or a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort (Definitions from Oxford Languages). Is that right?

The element of luxury has been ever-changing with time and the economy. This used to be a niche market for those who could shell out those extra bucks on everything eye pleasing. Nevertheless, circumstances or situation no longer remains the same as luxury has become affordable to all, unlike in the past when luxury and economy were two sections on the same flight to Los Angeles.

What brought these changes to the housing sector in Bangalore? And the answer is DS-Max. A builder who redefined the law of luxury and got everything under one roof, breaking the class barriers based on affordability. The homes are priced at a range where once a distant dream had now become a tangible reality. The motive behind this move of making it all affordable for a commoner was not a strategy but rather a vision to provide a home for every aspiring home buyer. And the notion did not stop at that but went beyond. It wasn't just giving away an empty shell house at a giveaway price; it was giving away all that a family requires to lead a comfortable life to the fullest.

DS-Max apartments USP is in pursuit of providing customers with endless possibilities to fulfil the "Joy of Living". Nonetheless, all DS-Max flats are built to suit individual needs and more. All the projects are strategically located close to educational institutions, Hospitals and Business Centres, and highlight of these projects are the distance to the nearest metro, bus, and railway stations. Accessibility being the critical factor, DS-Max has considered every aspect to make travel look more effortless in the otherwise packed Bengaluru. The apartments are crafted to suit a small or large family with 2 or 3 BHK houses. And all these properties are well equipped with 24/7 Security, Landscaped gardens, a Swimming pool, Children's play area, Club Houses, Joggers lane, Power-Backup and lifetime maintenance. Apart from this, the interiors are designed per the customers' taste and likes, costing them a meagre amount for a basic design.
Now what was once called luxury is readily available to anybody who aspires to be a homeowner. Now the question arises, how on earth is this possible? Well, it is; as a matter of fact, it's no rocket science. The cost of each apartment is brought down to these levels after carefully considering many factors that burn the customer's pockets. All the products are manufactured in-house, keeping in mind quality and durability. That apart, what goes into the making of every home is the undying passion for delivering the best to the buyers, an unconditional customer-centric approach and a futuristic vision comprising values & ethics.
The conclusion is that a home is a necessity, a place to grow, a place to dream and leave behind memories, and most of all, a place to feel luxurious without compromising on all elements of necessities. Understanding all the consequences, commitments and liabilities that add up to the life cycle while buying a home are undoubtedly stoppable. Still, the feeling of accomplishing a dream home after all the struggle an ordinary person has gone through is priceless.
(Disclaimer: This is an opinion based on facts and personal findings. Kindly seek expert advice or research before buying a home.)